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General Engineering

Advantage Electronics  Advantage Electronics designs and manufactures digital controls, serves the automotive industry by designing and constructing test fixtures for sensitive parts (i.e. air bag firing mechanisms, super-low impedance transmission switches, etc.), and have also been involved in numerous one time projects for various fields.

AI: Automotive Industries    Automotive Industries online magazine.

Automotive Research Center (ARC)   Various automotive research topics.

Engineered Testing Systems L.L.C.  EMI & Environmental Testing (317)-396-0573
Want to see if your product will survive the shake, rattle, roll, of the open road?  Engineered Testing is an environmental test lab that can perform sine and random vibration, shock, temperature, combined environment,  EMI, compliance, and other testing as well as engineering services to assist you in ensuring your product will thrive in real world conditions.   Their extensive experience includes  automotive, truck, and military qualification testing.  Please mention AutoTips if you contact this firm.

ICE Index   Internet Connections for Engineering - Lots of links

LABECO Home   Manufacturer of precision test equipment including Dynamometers (for vehicles varying from golf carts to tandem drive trucks and buses to tracked vehicles), Component Test Equipment, High Speed Test Systems, Fatigue Test Stands, Track test Fifth Wheels, and Custom Test Equipment.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)     Many links to other sites and articles.

SwRI Evaluation and Qualification of Gasoline and Diesel Engine Lubricants Brochure   The name says it all.

USCAR   The United States Council for Automotive Research is an organization formed by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors to further strengthen the technology base of the domestic auto industry through cooperative, pre-competitive research.

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Acoustical engineering / Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering Society   The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.

Links to good information on microphones, recording, stereo  Audio / acoustics links.

CROWN AUDIO Home Page  Very high quality (industrial grade) audio amplifiers, plus other broadcast and audio equipment. Well known for advanced and rugged amplifier designs. Can be used to fill auditorium/ stadium with sound, or for vibration testing of airplane wings.

R.L. Drake Company Product Categories This link strictly speaking may not belong on the Automotive Engineering page, but if you are involved in audio or R.F. communications, and the terms selectable sideband, synchronous AM detection, mean something to you, then check out Drake's Amateur Radio and Worldband Shortwave Receiver products for features and specifications an engineer can appreciate.

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Electrical engineering:

Electronics Workbench - Makes MultiSim mixed signal analog / digital / vhdl / RF schematic, simulator, VHDL synthesis ( FPGA libraries included in some versions ), pc board layout and auto route tool. Works with analog SPICE and digital models. Can mix all three types on the same schematic, and has VHDL code and test bench creation assist tools. Very easy to pick up on your own, learn and use from intuitive user interface.  

Contains many thousands of schematic and simulation models. Packages range from student and hobby versions to full professional grade packages. You can create simulation models the old fashion way (with a text editor) or using fill in the blank forms.  Simple to do component fault simulation. Waveforms can be viewed in traditional X-Y graphs, digital waveform screens, or with virtual instruments. The package appears designed to help the engineer have the most time for the design, with minimal time spent learning the tool.

Please reference the AutoTips page if you contact this company.

Green Mountain VHDL Compiler Home Page   Professional VHDL Simulation (CAD Tools)

ICE Index  Internet Connection for Engineering. Resources in ICE are related to either: chemistry, engineering, math, physics, or other 'hard' sciences.

HILEVEL Technology Inc.  A.T.E. ( Automatic Test Equipment ) High-Performance Compact IC Testers. Used to test ASICs, FPGAs, Gate arrays, memory, and other digital integrated circuits and digital circuits.  HILEVEL  test systems are known for ease of use, ( short learning curves ), clearly written application notes.  HILEVEL is also has a good reputation for customer service.

Links to EE SitesMore links to electrical engineering sites.

VHDL International Home Page   VHDL International (VI) is an organization dedicated to cooperatively and proactively promoting the Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (VHDL) as a standard worldwide language for the design and description of electronic systems.

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Mechanical engineering

Aluminum Association: Automotive Aluminum

ASMENET - Web Site of ASME International (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Engineered Testing Systems L.L.C.   E.M.I. & Environmental Testing 317-396-0573.
Want to see if your product will survive the shakes, rattles, rolls, and, that 500 watt CB signal from the nearby semi?  This company can do vibration testing, EMI testing, and provide services to assist you with your design for the stress of the real world. Please mention the AutoTips web site if you contact them.

Fluid Dynamics Links

Steven Henderson's Design Links & Resources   Various mechanical / design / manufacturing engineering links.

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Quality / Reliability engineering

Society of Reliability Engineers

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ASTM Technical Standards for Industry Worldwide

Precision Engineering Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Standards Engineering Society

Software engineering  

Software Engineering Links   Links to other Software Engineering Web Pages.

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