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CH PRODUCTS   PC & Mac products include Joysticks, Flight Yokes, Gamecards, Rudder Pedals, the first-ever joystick with force-feedback technology, and OEM Products. The author has opened up a couple of CH Products joysticks and examined a CH Gamecard III and been very impressed with the quality of components used, and the apparent manufacturing process control. Internal components are industry respected brands, not the typical lowest cost available. Most of the products are Made in U.S.A.     CH Products

SuperMicro    (motherboards) SuperMicro seems have a reputation for unusually good documentation, using better quality connectors and board material, good manufacturing practices, flexible setup in the AMI BIOS, and stability. (Basically they buy the better sub-components, are very reliable and well designed electrically as well as mechanically) Many of their boards are compatible with other operating systems, such as Linux and OS/2. Supermicro image

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Recommended Software - Software listed here has been stable and reliable for the author. These companies appear to care about the quality of the product and the customer. Where applicable, if you obtain a shareware copy and continue to use it, please consider registration to help keep these products available. The author's experience is these smaller companies truly appreciate it.

Buerg Computers - Software, Computers & more.  Author of  LIST, a fast and versatile file viewer for DOS, written in assembly, an example of how software should perform. Also check out Buerg Utilities. Shareware and commercial versions of List are available. LIST is still very useful and fast even through a shell to DOS from Windows.

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SemWare Corporation - Great programmer's Editors, SemWare Jr (was Q-Edit), and Semware Professional editor. The author suggests programming students should check out Semware products for examples of performance in software. Very fast, flexible and compact editors for DOS, and Windows. The Semware editor is a very well thought out editor, with many features that make editing easier - often missing from packages that are higher priced, bigger, and slower. Technical support available from a variety of sources, including the internet. Popular among programmers with a wide range of Macros available.  New programmer features added for Perl and Java scripts in TSE Pro/32.

Programming Languages:

APL Programming Language - A different, compact, symbolic programming language. In some cases, a few lines of code in APL can replace hundreds in other languages. Good in math and science applications.

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