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A few under the hood repair & maintenance items   car hood

General Winter car care tips  Frozen doors and locks, windows, electrical system, tires. 

What your shop should know about your vehicle How you can help your shop.

Battery Tips:

Auto Heater or A/C related.

    Cold heater in the winter?  Tips on troubleshooting the heater.  

    Cold weather MPG drop + cold heater - What does it mean? Also see above.

    How can I get my defroster in my car to work better?  Plenty of heat but frost?

    Installing a thermostat   A few basics.

    Musty Odor in Car   When using the a/c in the summer.

   Other Tips:

Plug Wire Tips  - A wire is a wire, isn't it? Frequently replaced, not always bad. Some tests for spark plug wires.

Speedometer Tips - You can have a passenger assist you in checking the accuracy of your speedometer.

Transmission partial fluid change  - Using the transmission dipstick tube for a partial change

Turn Signal erratic or not flashing. - What makes it blink?

What is a tune up?  What they do to your car during a tune up.

Wiring Speakers  The amp manual says 8 Ohm min, how do I wire 2 speakers?

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