Tips section - Various tips for auto / car care & maintenance including less common items.
(Testing battery cable connections, a/c musty odor, speedometer, spark plug wiring, cold heater, connecting speaker wiring, transmission fluid change tips, winter car operation, improving gas milage (m. p. g.) etc.)

AutoTips Inside the Engine page  - Ever wonder what is inside a car engine?  Here is a cut away view.

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What's under the hood.    AutoTips under the hood page.   Some common parts identified with their function. (Alternator, fuel injectors, sensors, power steering pump, common car maintenance & failure items, etc.)

AutoTips Automotive Engineering Page  Links to Engineering and Technical related sites - (SAE, Dynamometer, 5th wheel manufacturer, automatic test equipment, engineering software, standards organizations, vibration and emi test lab, etc.)

AutoTips  Introduction to car maintenance.   Some tips for the beginner on car care. Covers some common routine maintenance items for your automobile including checking oil, tires, brake fluid, coolant (anti-freeze), transmission fluid, and when to change, etc.   

AutoTips Symptoms - Solutions page - Problems encountered with cars / trucks / automobiles and their less common solutions.  AutoTips visitors contribute their car troubles and interesting solutions they found.

AutoTips MPG page Trying to improve gas milage?  A few tips to reduce fuel consumption.   

AutoTips Travel Information Page  Links to maps, hotel, motel discount coupons, road condition report links.

Auto related links to other sites:

AutoHobbyDigest:  Technical articles, historical information, and images about vintage cars of the 60s.

Antique Automobile Club of America   Automotive historical society with over 60,000 members and 400 regional clubs worldwide.

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)  Tips including "Choosing the Right Repair Shop" & "How to Communicate for Better Auto Service" + voluntary certification of auto technicians.

Automotive Air Conditioning & Radiator Service Information Site   Lots of good information plus links.

The Automotive Air Conditioning Information Server   More a/c info.

Automotive Torque Specifications How tight should that bolt be? If you have a torque wrench, you may find the specs for your car here.

AutoZone Home Page - Auto parts chain - includes store locator

Car Battery FAQ    FrequentlyAskedQuestions about car batteries.

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides    Look up used car prices - excellent page!

Gates Rubber Automotive Products    Good tips on hoses and belts.

Salem Boys Auto  Follow the many links on this page by TV & radio program host car guy Mark Salem for articles on maintenance, parts, dealing with the shop, and various gems of wisdom.  A great place to browse for car care tips.  Trying to pick up the radio program from the fringes? Check out the radio section on the AutoTips Cool Links page.


     Renewable Fuels Association - WWW Server   Fuel info  

     American Coalition for Ethanol   Lots of info and links on ethanol use including racing.

     Biodiesel America  Home of the Veggie Van and Biodiesel School Bus program.  Fuel it with used vegetable oil from fast food restaurants "The Exhaust smells like french fries"

Hemmings Motor News    Web site for the magazine.

Interstate Batteries Home Page   Tips on battery ratings & care, racing. Lots of good stuff.  Good reputation.

JASPER ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS  Well known for their re-manufactured engines and transmissions.  A more reliable, and longer warranty alternative to an engine or transmission overhaul.

Norco Home Page   Auto Trans fluid change equipment, jacks, other shop equipment.

R*KOM SOFTWARE     Automotive & Accounting Software by R*KOM  (Runs on wide variety of PCs)

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)   The same SAE as is on the oil can.


Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines Motors and Vehicles  Used in the Mazda RX series

Wells Mfg. Corp.  Replacement sensors & components + book "SURE YOU CAN Work on Electronic Ignition", a great reference to carry in a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle.  Includes computer error code charts + technical articles.

Safety Related Links:

(See more safety & severe weather driving links on the AutoTips Travel Page. )

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  Auto Crash Test Results & other vehicle safety news. --the world's leading site on drivers

NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Tire Safety   Tire care tips and ratings standards (formerly Tire Industry Safety Council).

Welcome to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety  Safety related articles, studies, and news.

Other Links:

A few favorite hardware & software links  Products and companies that have been highly recommended to AutoTips or used by the author with positive experiences.

AutoTips Cool Links   Various links of interest. ( Art, electronic kits, Made in USA products database,  Junkbusters (web privacy & junk e-mail info), highway history, high performance shortwave radios, travel information - motel discount coupons, etc.)

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